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10 Easy Tips for Growing Blueberries in Containers or Pots

Blueberries are consider to be the healthiest fruit because they consists of larger quantities of antioxidants than other fruits, fibers and extremely low calories and conjointly lowers the probabilities of diseases connected with heart and will increase memory power. They’re a decent medium of getting vitamins and conjointly strengthen the blood vessels. Blueberries aren’t solely in style, however conjointly repeatedly hierarchical within the U.S. diet as having one amongst the best inhibitor capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings. Antioxidants are essential to optimizing health by serving to combat the free radicals that may harm cellular structures moreover as deoxyribonucleic acid. We tend to advocate enjoying raw blueberries — instead of relying upon blueberries incorporated into baked desserts as a result of different fruits, raw blueberries offer you with the most effective flavor and therefore the greatest nutritional advantages.

1)      How to plant blueberries is the first and basic question. If planting a row of blueberries takes into account “hilling” the plants; raise them on top of the natural soil level by 12”-18” high and 3′ wide. This improves drain, and provides a row for perpetually adding organic matter.

2)      Planting multiple varieties with completely different maturity dates additionally stretches out the harvest season. In this way you can get fresh blueberries in every two months.

3)      It is important to know that how to plant blueberry bushes. Before growing bushes you need to know about its kind and variety. Planting blueberry bushes will be easy if you have good knowledge about seeds and variety of blueberry. There are 3 kinds of blueberries: high bush, low bush and hybrid half-high. The usually planted blueberry is that the high bush. Most blueberry breeding has centered on this species. You can have variety of blueberries which depends upon the season. On high bush varieties, begin with massive cuts, removing wood that’s over six years recent, drooping to the bottom, or situation the middle of the bush. Conjointly take away low-growing branches whose fruit can bit the bottom. For low bush blueberries cut all the stems to ground level. Blueberries can solely grow well in soils that meet their needs.

4)      Soil should drain well. If water stands within the location you’re planting for two days, don’t plant a blueberry. In acidic soils is best suited for growing blueberry. Incorporating made organic matter into the soil or as a prime dress is good. All these steps helpful to resolve the question that how do you grow blueberries and also prevent other plants from the effect of acidic soil.

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5)      The key for success in growing blue berry bushes is the selection of proper climate and to provide good company to blueberries bushes. It produces additional and larger fruit once planted with minimum cross-pollination.

6)      Plating blueberries in container and ground are different. Precautions and process are different in container and ground. Even in container we grow high density planting. Here some tips which are valuable for how to grow blueberries.

7)       Blueberries needed supply of water three to five centimeter per week. Use fertilizers at least one time in a month. For well development of blueberries plants its needed proper rainfall and pruning. Pruning blueberries plants promotes new growth and production. Blueberries will be ready for eating or transporting in July and August months. The plants of blueberries produce its highest production in six to seven year after planting.

8)      For Blueberries December and January is a best and ideal months for planting. In generally it has PH of 4.5 to 5.5.  It is important to know that when to plant Blueberries because some points affect it  such as  water (plants of blueberries regularly needed water or regular Rainfall), sun (plants of blueberries need sun rays that’s why it generally found in the wild forest and mountain), some quantity of Fertilizers (apply fertilizers 15 day to one month after plating), soil (they like water but they don’t like soggy place and they required high organic acidic, they will not grow properly if planted in wrong soil), some Mulch, and Pruning etc.

9)      It is not a busy task you only ought to keep few things in your mind whereas planting berries in a pot. Use a big size pot to grow the blueberries seeds and it requires little care.

10)   If you want to grow them using seeds then it requires more time. For growing blueberries from seeds you must have patience. The quality of seeds must be good otherwise it will not grow in a container, it the container will be big then it can get more acidic environment and space to grow.

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